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Screenwriting Services


Script doctoring and consulting services available in addition to commissioned work.

Rates vary with project; contact for a quote.

Behind the Door

Genre: Psychological Thriller - Feature Length

Status: Script completed, searching for production funding


Logline: Forced to take shelter in a seemingly abandoned house during a lightning storm, four friends find more than they bargained for inside one of the rooms.


Genre: Sci Fi - Feature Length

Status: Outline completed, script in progress


Logline: A handful of survivors rush to repair their damaged star cruiser before it disintegrates beneath their feet.

Two Guns to the Sky

Genre: Western - Feature Length

Status: Outline completed, script in progress


Logline: On the run from a marshal who has tracked them across several states, a pair of vaguely moral bank robbers try for one more score to set themselves up for life.

Scary Window Silhouette
The Rising

Genre: Horror - TV Pilot

Status: Pilot script completed, Season One outline completed


Logline: Set during the initial outbreak of a zombie plague, the series follows a band of strangers forced together by circumstance as they attempt to survive amidst the crumbling remains of society.

Car Lights
The Game Room
Future Justice

Genre: Action - Feature Length

Status: Completed Script, production slated for 2020


Logline: As two detectives struggle to unravel the pieces of a string of abductions, the six people who were taken try to survive the deadly game they find themselves in.

Genre: Action - Feature Length

Status: Production completed (Scorpio Film Releasing, copyright 2014)


Logline: Returning to Earth to find it devastated by a cataclysm of unknown origin, a squad of soldiers must work with their prisoner, the insurgent leader Python Diamond, to learn what befell the Earth in their absence.


Available to purchase HERE

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