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Nathaniel Sylva


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200 lbs




Local Hire NYC, LA, Boston


After training predominately in theater in school, Nathaniel Sylva moved into the world of film during a year off from college, working on the feature film Jack in the Box. Upon graduation from Bennington College, Nathaniel returned to the Massachusetts area to pursue acting as a full time career. A New England native with nearly a decade of experience in the New England film community, he has worked as an actor, writer, stunt performer and coordinator, assistant director, and general consultant for filmmakers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire, giving him a varied set of skills and an understanding of the needs of all phases of film production.

Personal Statement

To whomsoever may be reading this,


What's up? How's kicks? Are you enjoying yourself? If not, that's my bad. The whole 'history' section of this thing up above is admittedly a little dry and pompous, but that's how the game works. Hopefully, this bit is more entertaining.


I got into acting for one reason (Well, no, I got into it for a plurality of reasons, but trying to explain every factor would be just as dull as the History section, and that's no good. Suffice to say that whenever I've tried to do anything else, I've gotten really bored really fast, and this is more a best guess as to why than an in depth explanation), and that reason is a deep love for stories. The way that characters and events fit together, echo each other, make us think about things that we would otherwise ignore, it fascinated me since before I really understood why I was interested.


After a brief stint of wanting to be a paleontologist (I was seven, and dinosaurs are just the best), I thought for a long time that I'd be a writer. This whole 'acting' thing is accidental, led to by happenstance of having a genuinely kick-ass director in high school (The arts in schools, guys. Seriously, fund that stuff) who made sure that if we learned one thing, it was that the story we told could not be the same without it being ours. He taught work ethic, honesty, and in-depth understanding, and I would not be on this wildly Quixotic journey without him.


Thanks, Richard.


Anyway, that's the point. Whether it's writing, acting, or stunt work, my personal statement is this; in this world, we need amusement, distraction, emotion, ideals, zeniths and nadirs. It's an imperative, a human need as surely as food and shelter. Now let's make some mutha-f__kin' stories.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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